Shankar Tucker – clarinetist / composer

Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo – ft. Rohini Ravada

This interpretation of the classic ghazal by Fayyaz Hashmi features Rohini Ravada on vocals and Shankar Tucker on keyboards, clarinet, and tabla.

This is one of my most favorite compositions of all time. Unfortunately I had to leave off the last verse in order to keep the time suitable for a YouTube video. I will release the full version with all verses as part of an album later on.

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11 comments on “Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo – ft. Rohini Ravada

  1. Yet another mindblowing master piece!
    The long wait for the next piece from the maestro finally ends :) (Or does it begin again? :) )

  2. It is a brilliant rendition and recording. Remember this song being used in Mira Nayar’s “Monsoon Wedding”. Would love to hear you play the clarinet.

  3. great cover ….. search for habib wali and farida khanum they first sang this song and nailed it …. but this is also a great remake … excellent arrangement.

  4. just ‘amazing’
    one of the best vocals and music ,
    thanks rohini,tucker and shruti for creating this masterpiece …
    God bless you … For this heart and soul touching song

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