IN the media

"He is clearly en route to becoming one of the major talents of our time; his astonishing verve, style and dexterity give the game away."

World Music Report, 30th July, 2015

"Now, he’s famous world over for fusing styles and giving Indian music a spin like no other clarinetist has done before."

-The Hindu, 19th June, 2015

“Backed by the freshness of the songs, uniqueness of presentation... The Shruti Box was an instant hit. “    

    -Deccan Chronicle, 20th May, 2013

"...Keeps you wanting more. The tunes that emanate from his clarinet seamlessly sail from an initial western upbringing in music to the realms of Indian classical. Just as the notes from his western clarinet find its final flourish in the form of a raga, you begin to realize that fusion is a continuous process of evolution, one that creates multiple combinations and paves the way for some melodious musical possibilities."

    -Deccan Herald, 29th January, 2012.

“With over 11 million hits on YouTube in just a year and a half, clarinetist and music composer Shankar Tucker... has become a household name.” 

    - The Hindu, 8th September, 2012

"…With his fame resting entirely on his massive online presence, Tucker has unexpectedly found himself to be that elusive thing — a crossover across boundaries of genres and mediums."

    -Tehelka. 21st January, 2012.

“Tucker sets up a unique jugalbandi between jazz and Hindustani classical music, playing the clarinet like a bansuri, or slipping in the sounds of the kanjira into an ensemble of guitar and piano. Tucker’s fusion gives the classical tunes space to breathe, as he deftly weaves in jazz elements into a composition. The videos are minimalist and tastefully done, as befits the music… making him an internet sensation.”

    -Indian Express. 25th September, 2011

“While his mastery over the clarinet can’t be doubted, he magnificently blends the essence of jazz, pop, Indian classical to create seamless fusion… If you think nobody could have made Slumdog Millionaire’s soundtrack better than A.R.Rehman, think again.”

    -Hindustan Times. 27th September 2011