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San Francisco Concert!


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Hi Everyone! I’ll be in California at the Nourse Theater on May 10th next week with an amazing line-up of musicians. Joining me will be:

  • Vidya and Vandana Iyer
  • Rohan Kymal
  • Jomy George
  • Max ZT
  • Raashi Kulkarni
  • Shane Shanahan

It will be a killer show, if you’re in the area, you must come check it out! Here’s the link for tickets:

See you in Cali!

Update: Kickstarter success!


This pretty much says it all!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported so generously! You guys rock on an unbelievably deep, cosmic scale.

Kickstarter for New Album and Video Series

I’m very excited to announce my new Kickstarter project! In the past couple of years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with the best musicians in the Indian music scene. For this new project, I will be bringing them all together to create a full length album and video series.

Please support the project by visiting my kickstarter page here:

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